1001 Black Men–#461

Vacation is over, and school is back in session! This kid did not look unhappy about the end of the winter holidays. In all honesty, he seemed more bewildered. I’m not sure which school he was heading toward, but I liked his classic schoolboy outfit and backpack. When I was in high school, the most uncool thing a student could do was to wear his backpack over both shoulders, but styles seem to have changed. Even so, they’re something about the backpack over both shoulders that still seems kind of nerdy and innocent and sweet to me. In the case of this kid, it underscored to me that he was at that great age when kids are sorta kinda grown up, but not completely cynical yet.  The teen years are right around the corner, but they’ve haven’t arrived quite yet. It’s that time when the parents can still sometimes get a hug, even in public.

Ajuan Mance

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