1001 Black Men–#462

On a very leisurely January 12th, I and my partner sidled into Jim’s Coffee Shop for a very late breakfast. Because I am on the Paleo diet, I opted for the California scramble sans hash browns and toast. It was a big playoff weekend in the NFL, and the Texans/Patriots game was on the big screen TVs. I love watching contact sports, and breakfast plus football was a great combination. Almost as entertaining, though, was watching the other diners reacting to the action on the football field. The man in this picture was standing at one of the cash registers waiting to pay. This is the look that was on his face as New England scored another touchdown. I won’t bother to post a picture of my own expression, not only because I don’t fit the criteria for this series of drawings, but also because I was not at all shocked by the outcome of that game. I knew New England was going to win before either team even took the field.

Ajuan Mance

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